XBRL Stands for Xtensive Business Reporting language.  The language is XML-based and utilizes the XML linguistic structure and related XML advancements, for example, XML Schema, XLink, XPath, and Namespaces. One utilization of XBRL is to characterize and trade budgetary data, for example, a fiscal report. The XBRL Specification is created and distributed by XBRL International, Inc. XBRL is to be filed by

  • Every Listed Company
  • Every Company having a paid-up capital of Rs 5crore or more.
  • Every Company having a turnover of Rs 100 crore or more.
Type of ConversionCharges per Conversion - Number of Company
Upto 56 to 20More than 20
XBRL Conversion - Financial Statements (Standalone)Rs.6,000/-Rs.5,000/-Rs.4,500/-
XBRL Conversion - Financial Statements (Consolidated)Rs.10,000/-Rs.9,000/-Rs.8,000/-
XBRL Conversion - Cost Audit ReportRs.5,000/-Rs.4,000/-Rs.3,500/-
XBRL Conversion - Cost Compliance ReportRs.3,500/-Rs.3,000/-Rs.2,500/-